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Merit Badges

What The Experts Say

Top instructors all over the world are telling us here at MBI how well the Martial Arts Merit Badges work in their schools.

The badges have been a great thing for the kids to look forward to in between stripe and belt rankings, gets them practising, keeps their interest.
Curt Sawyer, Rochester, NY

The badges are excellent for motivation, a great incentive for the kids who love the bright colors, an extra bonus for the students credits.
Chris Stewert, Young Olympians, Colorado

Just wanted to tell you how much enthusiasm your Merit Badge System has brought to my school. The children can't wait to try out for the different Merit badges. It's such a great training tool to get the kids to practice at home. Again thanks for this great system!, Yours in Martial Arts.
Sensei Richard Spatola 4th Dan, United Studio's of Self Defense, NY

Best thing we ever did, Helped grow our school by 600% in 6 months, An excellent incentive for the kids, a very positive system that encourages and rewards constant practice. The 'star patches', especially the academic achiever patch, which we award when the kids bring in their merit awards from school has encouraged many of the children to work harder and do much better with their studies.
Steve Rowe 7th Dan, Shi Kon Martial Arts, UK

The students love the brightly colored patches and the parents love the new enthusiasm and excitement their children are now showing towards training.
Sensei G 4th Dan, UK

The Merit Badge System has become an essential part of our curriculum. It keeps our students both motivated and excited about coming to class, I recommend this system to any school owner who is interested in keeping students happier and for longer.
Master Leigh Childs UK Black Belt School Founder (900 active) NAPMA RD

Your Martial Arts Merit Badge program is the best idea I've seen in years, it really motivates my students, thank you all at MBI.
Master Eric Green, Green's Karate, Manchester

My classes have doubled since I started using your patches, I am attracting and keeping far more students since starting your program, especially in the first 90 days when they normally lose interest, my school is now far more profitable than it has been for years.
Sensei Alan Jones 6th Dan,W.K.K.A, London and Europe

Great Idea, thanks for all the help and your excellent service.
Sara Roberts, Llanberis, Wales, UK

The Merit Badge Program has been a great motivational tool for our students to practice at home. The kids love to show off the Merit Badges on their uniforms, plus they are a great source for making some extra money!
Bill Burch, Burch's Karate, Scottsdale Arizona

I have been using John Lynn's Merit Badges in my schools for many years. The parents love the recognition their children get when they earn a badge, the badges also ensure the kids practice at home, something all instructors want! thanks for a great idea.
Master Jon Jepson 5th Dan, Martial Arts Mastery, UK EFC Board of Directors

I have been using Merit Badges for the past ten years and they are now a large part of our Junior grading syllabus, the badges have increased my membership greatly, thanks John.
Paul Elliot Sensei, S.E.M.A Wado-Ryu Karate

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