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Merit Badges

Starter kit

Merit Badges Starter kit is the best way to start the badge system in your school, it contains:

  • a full color chart showing all the badges available
  • info brochure
  • system sheet
  • suggestion sheet
  • black and white sheet showing all the badges, (these can be photocopied and given to each child to be colored in as they achieve a badge)
  • order forms
  • 10 miss you postcards
  • 10 get well soon postcards
  • 1 roll of stickers
  • plus 40 of the most popular badges (4 sets of 10)

$40.00 (US dollars). In club value at least $50 to $100
£42.00 (UK Sterling). In club value £50 to £100 sterling

Starter Kit (#1000)

Quantity: 1 (MAX. 1)  

Price: $40.00

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